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Mount Iliamna
Mount Iliamna
Type stratovolcano
Elevation 10,016 ft (3,053 m)
Volcanic Region Alaska
Current Status Normal Level NORMAL
Last Eruption 1876

Mount Iliamna is a glacier-covered stratovolcano located approximately 215 km (134 mi) southwest of Anchorage on the west side of lower Cook Inlet. Holocene eruptive activity from Iliamna is little known, but radiocarbon dating seems to indicate at least a few eruptions, all before the European settlement of Alaska. However, fumaroles located at about 2,740 m (8,990 ft) elevation on the eastern flank produce nearly constant plumes of condensate and minor amounts of sulfurous gases. These plumes are quite vigorous and have resulted in numerous pilot reports and early historical accounts of "eruptions" at Iliamna Volcano.

Current Volcanic StatusEdit

Current Status: Normal Level

Last Eruption: 1876

Current Activity Information: The Iliamna volcano has been leveled down to NORMAL, volcano is now undergoing a state of slumber. No unusual activity is present.